More On Forum Spam

Hi Campers:

Continuing to work on this. We have gotten rid of all spammer members. I don’t think we deleted any of our “real” forum members, but if we did delete you, please sign up again.

When you do sign-up now, you will see that we are now requiring the Forum Administrator (moi) to OK new members.

I can’t tell you how much we hate to do this, but it is the only sure-fire way to keep these creeps (spammers) out of our forum.

So, have patience. We will endeavor to get you cleared in a day or intra-day. (We look at WikiRhymer email every day and usually several times a day.)

Best regards,


WikiRhymer Spambot Forum Problems

Hey Y’all:

We have been fighting a war with spammers. We think we have it pretty much licked, but in order to clean up the Forum, we had to mass delete inactive accounts. (Apparently, these creeps sign up hundreds of accounts and then use them over time. Just when you think you have deleted all of the spammer users that have been posting, they start posting with these older accounts.

So, if you have been inactive on the forum for awhile, we may have deleted you too. Sorry about that. Please sign-up again.