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Live Performance Videos at WikiRhymer

Hey WikiRhymers: We are considering allowing WikiRhymer Pro Members to use WikiRhymer as a platform to host live video of their live performances. We are not sure of the exact video technology we would use for this, but as you have seen at the bottom of our Home page, we are displaying a Ustream feed […]

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“Poo” Contest Winners!

Hey WikiRhymers: Poets extraordinare weighed in on the subject of poo. The winners and their work are reprinted below. Congrats (and a free-one-year WikiRhymer Pro membership to all of them). These are in no particular order as we did not award a winner and places—they are all winners to us. Also, hey poets: poems need […]

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More On Forum Spam

Hi Campers: Continuing to work on this. We have gotten rid of all spammer members. I don’t think we deleted any of our “real” forum members, but if we did delete you, please sign up again. When you do sign-up now, you will see that we are now requiring the Forum Administrator (moi) to OK […]

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WikiRhymer Spambot Forum Problems

Hey Y’all: We have been fighting a war with spammers. We think we have it pretty much licked, but in order to clean up the Forum, we had to mass delete inactive accounts. (Apparently, these creeps sign up hundreds of accounts and then use them over time. Just when you think you have deleted all […]

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WikiRhymer Founder Bud Tower Plays Old Hickory (Nashville) venue Jacob’s Well

Come out and hear WikiRhymer founder Bud Tower play a Songwriter’s Round at Jacob’s Well Coffeehouse with fabulous artist/writers Casey Kelly & Kirsti Manna. Event is Saturday November 2, 2013, 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm. Jacob’s Well located at: 1053 Donelson Ave.,  Old Hickory, TN 37138. (Click here to map it.) Call 615-293-8823 to make […]

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Single-syllable “Orphans” at WikiRhymer

Some words have no perfect rhymes. At WikiRhymer, we call them “orphans.” (Click here for a detailed discussion on orphans.) If you are writing a song or poem, you may want to avoid ending a line with a word that is an orphan IF YOU INTEND TO LATER RHYME THAT WORD!! There are way too […]

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Important New Features for Pro Users

Hey Pro WikiRhymers: In order to cut down on the amount of scrolling and clicking you need to do to browse WikiRhymer, we have made a few key changes in the last couple of days. First of all, we hope that all of you are aware that the green downward facing caret next to the […]

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What are “Orphans”?

Overview An “orphan” is a word in WikiRhymer that has no PURE rhymes. The classic example of this is the word “orange,” which as most everybody knows, has no pure rhyme. At WikiRhymer, words are always grouped into sets of words that are pure rhymes for each other. The only exception to this are orphans. […]

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WikiRhymer 3.0 Help Video

Hey WikiRhymers: Watch the video below for a brief overview of the new WikiRhymer!

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WikiRhymer 3.0

Hi WikiRhymers: Well, as you have seen, we have overhauled (some might say “keelhauled”) WikiRhymer! (If you are not the reading type and just want to SEE how this works, watch the video below: Why did we do this? Because you asked us to! We did a survey earlier this year (click here for discussion) […]

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