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Near Rhymes Mo’ Better!!

Hey WikiRhymers: We have added a major new enhancement to Near Rhymes. It has always been a challenge to present Near Rhymes to you in a logical way and in a user-friendly way. We could just give you a huge long page, listing all of the Near Rhymes; but say in the case of the […]

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WikiRhymer Word/Phrases Added/Edited

Hey WikiRhymers: Just thought you’d like to know–since we reactivated the (new and improved) system for adding and editing rhymes, you have sent us well over 1,000 suggestions that have resulted in the addition of almost 900 words and phrases!! We thank you for helping us make WR the world’s “best rhyming dictionary.” You might […]

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WikiRhymer Improvements

Hey Y’all: Changes at WikiRhymer: Since we have collated and reported on the results of our 2013 WikiRhymer (“WR”) Survey (see post below), we have been busy making changes to WR. Some 15 of the 132 of you that took the time to make actual comments in the Survey indicated a desire for more content […]

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Survey Results – You Like Us!

Hey Y’all: Whose Your Daddy? Well, the results are in and despite the obvious bias (you were on our site to start with and you cared enough about WR to take the survey), you like us WAYYYYYY better than our closest competitor, RhymeZone (and all the rest!). Peruse the chart below!   Despite the obvious […]

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Recent Changes/New Forum

Hey WikiRhymers: We’ve added a snazzy new crosshatch patterened background. Hope you like that. We also changed a bit the way the links at the top of the page work. Most importantly, we built a new forum which we hope will be more to your liking–it is to ours! Write On, Bud

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Server Problems Fixed

Hey Y’all: Well, if you are a regular WR user than you know we have had some problems over the last few days. They are fixed. They were attendant to the new design, but I think we have worked the bugs now. Write On. Bud

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New WikiRhymer Theme

Hi Y’all: Today (Dec. 5th, 2012), we unveil our new theme for WikiRhymer. It hopefully appears “cleaner” -looking and more compact to you. Respond to this post and give us some feedback!! Best, Bud (aka “Rhymedawg”)  

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Welcome to the New WikiRhymer Blog

Welcome to the new (and hopefully permanent) WikiRhymer Blog. We have made a couple other runs at various types of user support (UserVoice and Twitter) and decided that what we really need is our own blog on our own server with which to communicate with WikiRhymer users. So–here it is!! Individual topics will develop organically […]

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