WikiRhymer CrossRhyme™ 20121116


Welcome  to the first of hopefully many “CrossRhymes™” we will post at WikiRhymer. This is a brand new type of crossword puzzle as the clues are simply words, to which you must find a rhyme. The rhyme is the answer you enter onto the crossword puzzle. That rhyme may be a pure rhyme, near rhyme, end rhyme, near end rhyme, or mosaic rhyme (and we will indicate which in the clues and hints for each puzzle). Fill in the blanks, one letter per block, just like you would on a “regular” crossword puzzle.


  • If a clue has a “+” plus sign in it, it is a mosaic rhyme. The answer may or may not be a mosaic.
  • If a clue is in all “CAPS” then it is an acronym and the rhyme is on the last letter only of the acronym. The answer usually (but not always) will be an acronym too.
  • If the clue is a near rhyme or end rhyme or near end rhyme, we will so indicate in paretheses after the clue.
  • Non-rhyme related hints will follow the rhyme clues in brackets [hint].
  • An asterisk after a clue (*) means the clue and/or answer is not in WikiRhymer as of the date the crossword puzzle is created. So, add it if somebody hasn’t already!

The Crossword:

(Click the link below to open a page with the interactive crossword in it.)

  • Crossword 20121116 <<Note: Requires Flash. Will not work with some browsers or if Flash disabled.

Whose the Best?

If you are the competitive type, keep track of how long it takes you to complete the CrossRhyme™ and post your name/handle and time in the comments section to this post. At some point in the future, we will create a system for honoring the best of the best at these CrossRhymes™ and maybe start handing out some swag!!