Important New Features for Pro Users

Hey Pro WikiRhymers:

In order to cut down on the amount of scrolling and clicking you need to do to browse WikiRhymer, we have made a few key changes in the last couple of days.

First of all, we hope that all of you are aware that the green downward facing caret next to the Search button (it is on every page but the Home page, next to the search box) allows you to jump directly to any rhyme type (like Near Rhymes, Pure Rhymes, Mosaic Rhymes, etc.).

Second, we have applied a filter to WikiRhymer that puts the “best” rhymes first. (This does not apply to pure rhymes or mosaic rhymes but it does apply to End Rhymes, Near Rhymes, and Near End Rhymes.) What this means in practical terms is that the “quality” of rhymes will start to decline after about the first 50 to 100 sets for any Rhyme Type.
Finally: You might be asking yourself “well, if you put the best rhymes in the first 50 or so sets of each rhyme type, why bother giving us the rest of the sets?” Good question. The answer is that what is a better rhyme from a sound standpoint might not be a better rhyme from a meaning standpoint and we know as professional writers, you want both. So, we give you ALL the rhymes we have and you can spend as much time looking as you want. We just wanted you to know there ARE some shortcuts!!

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