“Poo” Contest Winners!

Hey WikiRhymers:

Poets extraordinare weighed in on the subject of poo. The winners and their work are reprinted below. Congrats (and a free-one-year WikiRhymer Pro membership to all of them).

These are in no particular order as we did not award a winner and places—they are all winners to us.

Also, hey poets: poems need names. The ones asterisked, we had to make up names ‘cuz you punted on that. Be loud, be proud, be creative. Name your work!

Identities were also omitted on most so we used whatever “handles” you gave us. (Why would anybody want to remain anonymous about their fine turd work? Don’t understand it!)

 “What’s Wrong With Poo?” by Joseph C.

Your website stinks like poo you guys
Like poo from Meghan Fox’s thighs
That is to say, I’d keep that turd
If I don’t win, I hope i’m third

“Hi Ho the Dairy-o”* by ps45

Your website stinks like poo
Your website stinks like poo
Hi ho the dairy-o
Your website stinks like poo.

(We had some copyright/plagiarism issues with this, but it made us laugh, so it gets the nod.)

“The Odor That Lingers”* by Yellowdog

Your website smells like poo?
This I had to think through.
The odor that lingers must come from the fingers
Of the typist that sent that to you.

“No Ending”* by Margo Feiden

Your website stinks like poo?
I pray your patent’s pending.
Once other websites learn your trick,
Good Lord, there’ll be no ending!

“Stool Stew”* by ProfessorFrost

Your website stinks like poo!!!!
I ventured onto this searching for a “tent” rhyme or two
I knew I’d rue it when I viewed the content, after some time I was through.
Wikirhymer crew, Your staff smells of stool stew, Regardless, I still love you.

* – These entries did not have poem names, so we made them up based upon poem content.

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