Survey Results – You Like Us!

Hey Y’all:

Whose Your Daddy?

Well, the results are in and despite the obvious bias (you were on our site to start with and you cared enough about WR to take the survey), you like us WAYYYYYY better than our closest competitor, RhymeZone (and all the rest!). Peruse the chart below!


Despite the obvious bias referred to above, what we do find interesting is how badly the rest of our competitors fared. It wasn’t even close, which to us means we are achieving one of our main goals which is to give you better content, better organized.

You had plenty to tell us about what we can improve and we assure you, we are listening and plan to make many changes (a few like adding a poetry forum have already been made) over the coming weeks and months–some minor, some major.

If we had to boil it all down to one overarching design philosophy it would be that you want more power but with less complexity. While these may seem totally opposing goals, we accept the challenge and are at work on it!


Who Uses WikiRhymer?

You also told us some interesting stuff we didn’t know. WR was founded by a songwriter (Bud Tower) and as such we just always thought that it was mainly being used by songwriters. It’s not. Most of you non-songwriters are poets (43%) and another 9% are “other.” Songwriters are the biggest single group though at 48%.


Show Me The Money

The vast majority of you are not making “serious” money at rhyming-related activities, but 9% of you are!! Congrats to all as we know you do this because it is a passion and that has its own reward.


Darth Vader or Princes Leia?

We have gone ’round and ’round about a dark versus light background. Those that dislike dark backgrounds on websites are pretty adamant about it but then, many don’t care. 32% of you don’t like WR’s dark background. That’s a pretty significant number and one we have to ponder seriously. In the meanwhile, we have lightened the dark background some.


“If I Could Change Just One Thing…”

Of the 200 of you that took the survey, 132 took the time to answer the “one thing” question. We have grouped these into the following categories:

  • 44 – I love WR as is.
  • 24 – More rhyming content please.
  • 15 – Give me other content (dictionary, synonyms, etc.).
  • 39 – Improve interface.
  • 10 – Miscellaneous requests.

Write on,

Bud & Cheng

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