Single-syllable “Orphans” at WikiRhymer

Some words have no perfect rhymes. At WikiRhymer, we call them “orphans.” (Click here for a detailed discussion on orphans.)

If you are writing a song or poem, you may want to avoid ending a line with a word that is an orphan IF YOU INTEND TO LATER RHYME THAT WORD!!

There are way too many orphans in the English language (and in WikiRhymer) to list them all, but the list of single-syllable orphans is a short one (just 161 as of this writing), so we ran a nifty search of the WikiRhymer database and here they are:

alt, angst, asked, babes, balk, beards, beige, berths, blitzed, boosts, borscht, breadth, bronzed, bulb, bulbs, buzzed, cads, calmed, caused, chafed, chaunce, cleansed, coaxed, coiffe, coiffed, conch, costs, cubed, cusp, daubed, depth, depths, desks, didn’t, dirges, don’ts, dwarfed, dwarves, eighth, eighths, else, faiths, feucht, fiends, fifth, fifths, filched, film, filmed, firsts, fugues, glimpsed, golf, golfed, gouge, gouged, gulf’s, gulps, halved, harped, helped, hertz, hoists, hoofed, hoofs, hooves, it’ll, jazzed, kilns, knifed, loafs, loathes, mensch, month, morgues, mosque, mosques, mosques, mouthed, mouths, mulched, nares, neeps, ninth, ninths, noirs, norsk, nymphs, oomph, paths, peaces, pierced, pint, plagued, poised, popes, profs, prompts, pushed, puss, quashed, revved, rogues, scalp, scalped, scarce, scarfs, schmaltz, schoof, scrounged, sculpts, shalt, sixth, sixths, sulked, surfed, swamp, swamped, swamps, swapped, swathe, swathed, swooshed, talc, talcs, tenths, texts, thefts, thoughts, thunk, thwacks, tongs, tongued, toothed, tramps, trying, tufts, twelfth, valve, valves, walth, warmth, warped, wasp, watched, welds, welsh, whilst, whorl, width, widths, with, wolves, wonk, wonks, wounds, yurt (word count=161)

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