3 thoughts on “WikiRhymer Organization – Help Video”

  1. Hi I want to leave a comment in the forum. I can see where to log in but how do I sign up in the first place?

    I just wanted to say I’m not keen on the new font. It’s harder to read & so slower to find the words I need.

    Otherwise, great site!


  2. Hey Mick: When you say “how do I sign up in the first place”–sign up for what? Blog/Forum or the WikiRhymer web site?

    As to font change, that is an artifact of some other changes we are in the midst of making and it’s not permanent.

  3. Hey Mick:

    I think I figured out the answer to what you were asking. A the bottom right of each blog or forum page is a header “Sign In/Out” and just below that is a link to click to log in.

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