WikiRhymer Organization – Help Video

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  • Mick Lee

    Hi I want to leave a comment in the forum. I can see where to log in but how do I sign up in the first place?

    I just wanted to say I’m not keen on the new font. It’s harder to read & so slower to find the words I need.

    Otherwise, great site!


  • bud

    Hey Mick: When you say “how do I sign up in the first place”–sign up for what? Blog/Forum or the WikiRhymer web site?

    As to font change, that is an artifact of some other changes we are in the midst of making and it’s not permanent.

  • bud

    Hey Mick:

    I think I figured out the answer to what you were asking. A the bottom right of each blog or forum page is a header “Sign In/Out” and just below that is a link to click to log in.